Tracy’s Random Thoughts: The End of Summer, but not really the End of Summer because of Global Warming Edition

It’s been so long that I did this type of post, although there was good reason I didn’t do it.  So, onto the show:

1. Barack Obama

This past year has been tough for Obama and his administration from the economy, the oil spill, healthcare, etc.  As I look at what has Obama done, he has made great achievements from the stimulus, healthcare, and financial reform.  On the other hand, many in the left are disappointed that Obama has not lived up to his promises.  I have been an Obama supporter through and through, but his main problem is that he is not taken his own account of the situation.  I really like Obama’s view for the long-term that it will play out, but I like Lessig’s view best that liberals know Obama has to be center, but they’re more upset he’s not living up to his campaign promises and that he’ll be a different politician.  I think that’s where the dissension is and the left has that right to poke at Obama perform to that standard.  What I also say is it takes time, but I wish Obama advise people what he thinks what should be done and not make a lot of compromises.

2. Adrian Fenty

Speaking of Obama, if the left had a prototype of how Obama should be, it will be Adrian Fenty.  He has change Washington D.C. with better schools, less crime, and leadership (see his snow coverage in February).  He has shown that he’s a different politician. Then, how is Vince Gray beating Fenty in the straw polls?  The answer is Fenty is not a “people” mayor.  At times, Fenty does not show up in community meetings/town halls to discuss issues with the people.

That would be a big concern, but if you have a mayor who is doing it his way and is doing it that helps the city, would people skills matter since it could bog him down?  There is some commitment to be made, but Fenty could just ignore it after shaking people’s hands.  Basically, what were looking at is Sharon Pratt, but the difference is Fenty never moved the Redskins to Prince Georges County.

However in DC, its all about the people. Why you think Marion Barry got re-elected as mayor?

3. Gay Rights

Here’s my overall view: I am Catholic and am religious (but not up to my parents standards).  It still looks uncomfortable to see a man or woman kissing their own sex. It’s just a vibe from me, but if they’re happy and comfortable, more power to them.  I guess the majority of the people are getting the message.

4. Your DC Sports Update


At least you can say for the Nats is that their below average and not the bottom of the barrel anymore.  A few things I want to point out:

  • When Strasburg pitch after activated from the DL, attendance was around 25,000.  There were many factors: the heat and the “distrust” fans saw when Strasburg was suppose to pitch on July 27, but didn’t.  It’s likely in September the attendance will reduce because of football, but I think the last start was an anomaly
  • Mike Rizzo might become everyone’s favorite GM in DC after the moves he made and still keeping Adam Dunn.
  • The Bryce Harper Signing Deadline ends at midnight on August 16


Football has arrive and I will say this will the most interesting year the Redskins ever had. A proven coach and QB, but not a lot of help.  I hope the Redskins do well and if they win the Super Bowl this year, they can keep it for 2 years if the NFL and NFLPA come to an agreement.  From their game against the Bills, they’re closer than I thought. Then again, they are the Bills.


I’m glad people are buying tickets to see john Wall. Just sad the team will only go far as the Conference semifinals in the next 5 years when you have Miami, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, and others.


They haven’t done nothing. Still pissed, but I hope Flash gets traded and possible a second line center at the trading deadline (likely aiming for Brad Richards or Handzus).

5. Finally…

I’ve tweeted a couple of times, but just to let you know on August 9th, I became a first-time Uncle.  Say Hello to Elijah Dominic Tran:

(via my brother, Nate)


  • Your comments D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty “has change Washington D.C. with better schools, less crime, and leadership (see his snow coverage in February)” is illustrates how little you know of Washington. Mayor Fenty has been a fiscally irresponsible leader destroying the financial stability of the District of Columbia. This impression you have of Mayor Fenty goes against all reason and facts, principles you choose to ignore.

    Robert Vinson Brannum

  • @Robert Can you give me some examples? I will give you there are some things Fenty has done has been shady like housing contracts and using motorcades for his personal use, but you have to give me more.

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