Tracy’s Random Thoughts: The End of the Year Edition

Ah, Fall. My favorite season. New shows, cooler temps, leaves changing, the scenery. Sadly, Fall is gone that quick and we are heading to Winter. Joy.  Here are my Final Thoughts of this year:

1. The Midterm Elections and Obama

The Republicans had a good election, while the Democrats took a beating in the House, but barely controlling the Senate.  The main reason the Republicans had a good year is one word: jobs. The Democrats didn’t offer jobs, so the people want the Republicans to do a better job.  It will likely be a lame-duck Congress might get new jobs, but with new technologies and new reasoning, do the unemployed have not the skill set, but the capacity to learn something new?  That’s the biggest question if the unemployed rate goes down. From what I know, it doesn’t look like the numbers will change.

As for Obama, this doesn’t hurt him in the long run since he’s the real grown up in Washington, but he is getting hit from both the left for not being progressive, and from the right for not being on the right.  As a liberal, I wish Obama should be more progressive in action, but in politics, he knows what he is doing.  The country is still in the right of center if you like it or not. However, what Obama is trying is to move the country to still be in the center where government plays a role, as well as people having some freedom to their business. The problem Obama has is both sides want to have a power play. It’s the lust of power that is screwing Obama.

In the next elections in 2012, I dare voters to vote of who is the best person in the job for your district, state, and national. Don’t rely on what the party tells you, it worked for Lisa Murkowski.

2. Wikileaks

I went to the Brazen Careerist event a month ago and I had a conversation with someone who works for the government who wants them to establish social media in their department.  We both agree an open government should be the future. That was one month ago. Now, I’m skeptical.

Julian Assange, who looks like more and more like Bill Maher here:

has caused havoc around the world with government document leaks, which has damage some of the U.S. Diplomatic relations, although Hillary Clinton has done a remarkable job of reducing the problems. I find Julian as the Joker to the world: he plays by his rules and loves anarchy. The real issue is the people who are leaking the documents to him. Those people should be fired, thrown off, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  There’s no question the U.S. has done some questionable actions (i.e. Iraq, Guantanamo Bay), but some of these documents have put relationships, that have been building for a long time, at risk, either internationally or domestically. Sadly, the leaks will continue, but does the government think its ready to be an open and transparent government? In most cases, yes; but in certain situations, not a chance. It’s up to them to limit the leaks in the future.

3. The Message

There was this strong debate on why people put cartoon characters in their Facebook profile pages this past week. The reason behind it was a reminder to fight against child abuse. It was a successful campaign, but there were others who prefer people to donate money and thought the campaign was ridiculous. Here’s the thing: both sides were correct. for the argument of donations, it is great if people donate to get better resources and staff to help out on this cause. However, the important reason why people put cartoon characters is if you got the message. Donations are important, but people donate if they don’t have the time to help out. If you can help out and have the time, then do it. Communication, interaction, and developing relationships are the most important to fight for causes. Both are right, but it up to us on how we fight for our cause and hopefully has a positive result.

4. Cable Networks

Is it me, or is the History Channel, Food Network, TLC, Discovery, A&E, and others are doing the same thing, but on different topics?

5. DC Sports Time

They’re not going to the playoffs this year and this team is a mess with the whole Shanahan-McNabb story and Albert Haynesworth being Albert Haynesworth. The only salvation to save the Redskins? If the NFL doesn’t have the 2011 season because of the lockout. In the upcoming draft, Shanahan would want to have Jake Locker since he is the closest thing to John Elway, patch up the WR, RB and OL core  in the draft. If the lockout continues, the Redskins would want to pick the best available player so Shanny does have a team. it’s not fun to see my Redskins this depress, just be hopeful the offseason goes their way.

Let’s move on…

The season is still young, but I like where the Caps are heading. yes, they’re on a losing streak (even gave up a 3 goal lead to the Toronto Maple Leafs of all teams), but they have time to get a legit 2nd Center at the trading deadline. Remember: it’s important to be the hottest team going in the playoffs (as we learned last year).

That’s right, the most positive news in DC sports come from a baseball team that have been in last place for 5 years straight. People were up in arms about not signing Adam Dunn and gave him to the White Sox. I thought it was going to happen, but I was still disappointed since he was a fan favorite in D.C. I looked at it as Rizzo trying to forget the 2011 season…

Until he signed Jayson Werth for 7 years/$126 million. That not only woke up the small Nats fan base and the Nats organization, it woke up the baseball and sports world. Overall, did the Nats overpaid Werth? Absolutely, but look at the aftermath. After the Werth signing, people are now wondering what the Nats will do next: Are they going to trade Willingham and/or Desmond? Are they going to get a left-handed 1B like Carlos Pena or Adam LaRoche? Can they get Cliff Lee or Carl Pavano? Those questions wouldn’t exist if the Werth deal was done. Rizzo gave the perfect holiday gift for the organization and fans.  By the way, Washington, D.C. is not a small market; it’s a big market doing small market stuff. Now, they’ve grown up.

That is all. Hope you have a nice Ed Stevens Holidays. I’ll write more before the year ends…trust me.

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