Tracy’s Random Thoughts: The Long Time Edition

Yes, it’s the return of my random thoughts and for a few (and I do mean a few, figuratively) wonder I haven’t done this in long time.  It’s simple, I had business and thought it would take me a few months. Then, it got extended because the whole department left, plus doing insurance for the first time, taxes, and my regular duties as Caps tweeter held me doing this type of stuff.  Finally, here we go:

1. Health Care Reform

Let’s admit this health care reform will be far from perfect and it will take a lot of years to get the right combination.  However, this country does need reform by any means necessary to insure more Americans.  Right now, most people depend on employer plans, which might be good, but it’s not great for the long haul since tenure is on a short-term basis.  The Democrats had a great argument for reform, but they been botching, while the Republicans didn’t have a plan, but did a great job convincing the media and the public to sympathize on their side.  However, Obama turn the whole thing around this week with his speech to plea to get reform done and is bringing the public with him.  Obama’s problem was he was trying to be too friendly and hope both sides agree.  He didn’t know Republicans will always unite on any issue, so he’s making his move and should be.  Now it’s Congress’ turn to make their move.

2. The Independent Voter

I really hate the term “Independent Voter.” Technically, every one of us is an independent voter, it’s just most of us need to join something.  As I learn from news reports and polling, it’s that you a few on the extreme right, a few on the extreme left, and everyone else is in the middle.  Most say we need more parties to break this two-party system.  The problem is most of us don’t know who we’re voting for.  If people want to break the system, then give us a candidate or tell us about yourself.  Also, if you really want to make a difference, then vote and don’t give me an excuse the political system is broken;  you’re the cause of it.

3. The DC Metro

The DC Metro is having a terrible year: derailments, packed trains, accidents, John Catoe resigning, raising prices, etc.  Metro is not getting any luck and in a world where people want to go to public transportation, they are giving reasons not to ride the Metro.  I could give a list of a number of changes Metro should make, but you can look into my past posts and Unsuck DC Metro.  The one thing Metro should be thinking is do advertising everywhere: in tunnels, trains, floors, you name it.  The Metro stations are not the most astute for the artistic type, so why not ask businesses to advertise?  Metro gets the money and businesses get attention.  Also, Metro has a little integrity left, it’s alright to sell out for better service.

4. Geolocation

If 2009 is the year of microblogging, 2010 is the year of the geolocation application.   Sites like Foursquare, Gowalla, and others are hitting mainstream with people telling where they are now.  You understand why its a great idea and I love it.  The problem is some are telling us every location they are going to, which does get annoying and at the same time, scary since people can sense a pattern.  Geolocation is only good if there are special events going on, not an everyday tracking system.  Just saying.

5. Washington DC Sports Update

Caps – Won the Southeast Division, and now trying for the Presidents’ Trophy (best regular season record), although I hear its cursed.  However, there is one trophy the caps desperately want and that’s in June, if the Caps can make it.

Redskins – They’re doing nothing and the  salary budget is 4th lowest.  Guess they’re taking the playbook from Leonsis and McPhee that dump salary now, win after the lockout/strike.  Then again, there is no Ovechkin-like people in the NFL Draft next year.

Wizards – Team stinks, but they’re trying hard.  The main question is can they get superstar free agents coming to DC? That will be difficult.

Nationals – There is actual buzz for the Nats this season since the team moved in 2005.  The team is decent, but won’t likely going to the playoffs, but .500 is a possibility and 70 wins might within reach.  Oh, and The Strasburg.

That is all in the long return of the Random Thoughts.  Just to let you know This Summer, everything changes. More details are ahead.  Now, onto working on my million bracket challenges.

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