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Normally, I would do a shout out of all my Twitter followers on Friday for #followfriday.  However, two things: 1) I would of send a lot of tweets on to who follow on Friday and decided that a nice post will do the trick and 2) yesterday was Friday the 13th, so I use that for everyone to follow my friend @TheBopper since he bashed Twitter of being anti-social, but yet he’s on it. 

Anyway, I’m going to use Valentine’s Day to say thank you to the people who I saw at the DC Twestival (plus that I’m single and have no one to hold to *sigh*).  The Twestival was a very unique event in that everyone had their cell phones out twittering to their friends of the scene and yet carry a conversation at the same time.  It was kind of surreal in the first hour, but I hopped on the bandwagon and started doing it as well.  The event went very well and it was one of the better events I attended in long time.

If I have one slight complaint, I saw the silent auction on my Caps tickets since I was one of the sponsors

(Wait, I got to stop here.  Your company was one of the sponsors? Who the hell did you sleep with by getting this sponsorship?)

No, I donated my Caps tickets to the event to raise awareness on water and the people who need it.  Back to the topic, I was amazed that the Philadelphia Flyers tickets was bidhigher than the Pittsburgh Penguins tickets.  I guess DC loves people fighting, but if that were the case, ummm…Malkin and Crosby vs. Ovechkin?  Who wants to see that fight? I was a little thrown back, but it could be everyone still remembers last year in Game 7 between the Caps and Flyers, which still haunts me as a fan.

Back at hand, I want to give thanks to the people who setup the event in less than a month.  These people worked so hard of finding a location, planning out the event, get a couple of guests and djs, threw out the dress code (very important in my case) and promote it heavily on Twitter and the other sites.  Thank (and/or follow) these people:

Here are the other tweeple I met, in no particular order:

And for the people who I met, but do not or I forgot to write down their Twitter usernames:

  • John Blair, fellow George Mason Alum (School of Management ot be exact)
  • April, who has a picture of me with a drink on one hand and the cellphone of the other.
  • Beth
  • Emily Troutman

As I do with every Valentine’s Day on Facebook and my blog (it was the only source I had before a few months ago), I’ll play the quintessential Valentine’s Day Song:

If I forgot anyone who I met…please forgive me and bash me either on Twitter and your blog, and then I’ll follow you and beg for mercy.

Finally, Happy ))<>((‘s Day (I love that logo so much, it’s the official Valentine’s Day logo to me).

My DC Twestival Photos

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