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As you noticed, I have not blog in the past couple of months. I had a long hiatus before, but that’s more of a serious, personal reasons. This is a personal reason as well, but in a good way.

Professional update

After my birthday in September, I got a call from someone for BroadPath, that I saw their listing on Elance. I was interested to help out and did sourcing for them for sales agents and call center people. This is the main reason I have not tweeted or give updates because I had to find people immediately during the enrollment period coming up and there were tight deadlines. After one month, they ask me to be their Recruiting Sourcer, permanently. So, if you’re in the healthcare field and you’re looking for a position in insurance sales, member/provider enrollment, call center positions, or others, contact me at (800) 928-1562 ext. 692 or email me at tracy[dot]tran[at]broad-path[dot]com.

In addition, I will be speaking on November 20 for NovaSHRM’s Talent Acquisition & Management Special Interest Group (SIG) on how employers need to engage to applicants through different avenues from social media, networking events, and special events. If you want to attend, register to the site I hyperlinked and if you have any questions you want to know, write in the comments section or email me.

2014 Washington Nationals Review

It was a great season for the Washington Nationals. Best record in the National League, the gnome giveaways, and a team that could go to the World Series. Sadly, they lost to the eventual Word Series Champions, The San Francisco Giants. In 2012, when the Nats had a 6-0 lead and blew it in Game 5, everyone was in shock and we (that includes the front office, the fans, and some players) had no idea how to respond. Although I was upset that the Nats didn’t advance further, at least there’s a sense where the Nats need to improve on, including Matt Williams.

Next year is likely the end of the Nats window with this roster and it will be tough to follow-up on their success with many teams, specifically the Cubs (now with Joe Maddon), the Marlins, and Mets getting their keys guys back. The Nats will have to earn their postseason spot, but they have to repeat the process again, but in the postseason, they need to change their mindset. Everyone, including myself, will try to blame someone of why the Nats didn’t advance, but at least there’s something to work on.

2014 Washington Capitals Preview

With the addition of Barry Trotz, Matt Nisnaken, and Brooks Orpik, it sounds like the Capitals are trying to go back to the playoffs. At one end, fans will be excited that the Caps are trying to get back in after missing out last year and with the Winter Classic in their backyard, the team had to look good. I just wish the Caps could be patient of building a better team. Yes, Trotz will make Ovechkin, Backstrom, and Green better players, but the Caps could of had better players if they stink in 2013 and could of had either Nate McKinnon, Seth Jones, or Johnathan Drouin. Next year, Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel are available, but sounds like the Caps want a playoff spot. Too bad.

I believe the Caps will make the playoffs, but an early exit, as usual.

2014 Washington Wizards Preview

These are not your father’s Washington Wizards/Bullets. Last year in the playoffs, you keep hearing basketball experts say the Wizards are the most complete and athletic team in the East. Then, they lost to the Indiana Pacers in 6 in the Conference Semifinals. There are expectations this year with an older John Wall, older Bradley Beal (when he comes back), and an older team with the signings of Paul Pierce, DaJuan Blair, and Kris Humphries.

Let’s be honest, the Wizards are not going to win the championship this year or next year. The key date is 2016 when NBA teams get a bigger piece of the TV pie and Kevin Durant is a free agent (yes, LeBron is a free agent to as well, but he wants the TV money as well). It’s no secret the Wizards will lure Kevin Durant over. The question is is two years too long for Durant to change his mind? He will have to deal with this everyday for the next 24 months. Although he has ties to D.C., does Durant want to come back home? He still loves his D.C. sports teams, but it’s different to live in D.C. than playing in D.C.

The Wizards will make the playoffs and be the 506 seed and say be eliminated in the first round. However, if they make the playoffs this year and next year, then 2016 is the first real step for the Wizards to become championship contenders.

I hope this answers why I have not blog for a while and not keeping up with updates. Still come to my Twitter and Facebook page and maybe Ello, if I have time.

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