Very poignant moment

I read the message boards just to see what I missed (Usually I go to Television Without Pity and Alt.Fan.Letterman). I came to the Late Late Show thread and mention about a one of a kind monologue by Craig Ferguson (who should replace Letterman after he retires). It was about his father, who passed away last week, and told stories about going to America, Scotland, Craig’s son, and Robert (Craig’s father) last days. I listen to it on the net and it was very heartbreaking and touching. What I like about this episode is that Craig honored his father and he was in control of his show. Showbiz people would give at least 5 minutes, but Ferguson took the whole show and made us feel we are part of the family. This was the same thing last summer when Don Geronimo’s (aka Mike Sorce) wife, Freda, was killed in a car accident. It was more than 75 minutes of hearing the true personality and how Freda change him and telling very sad stories about telemarketers asking for Freda and still asks Freda in bed. If you live in the DC area, this was a huge story and the incident unusually reunited the DC personalities. Let’s be honest; in radio, everyone will take a cheap shot to create ratings and rivals, but at that time, no one took a shot (Well until Howard started the Sirius bandwagon, it went back to normal). The reason I’m comparing the two because they spoke from the heart, where the industry relies on deception for the viewer or listener. Blogs are easy because you’re anonymous to everyone and the writing might sound good, but what if you sounded too good? (The James Frey approach). I have the potential to show off big words and tell my fantasies about girls (Your stretching it). But, I’m more honest in my blogs because it’s actually a relaxation to me. Although no one is required to read it, it’s a sense of relief for me that I said it. Also, I wouldn’t mind doing it on-air, just don’t restrict me on a script. I usually get nervous when everything is scripted. I love to wing it and talk about my life from family, friends, weird sightings, etc. At least I would have the creditability that this is really me, not a tone down version of me.

Also, those two segments remind me about my family. I can tell you my parents are very paranoid of what I’m going to do. I feel nervous because there is no margin for error (based on reaction). Although my parents are very paranoid and strict as I mention before, but when Craig told a story that his father watches Looney Tunes, it was very similar to my father who like the very old school cartoons and not the current crop. My parents can be easily entertain (one time saw my father watching a Lifetime movie) and that is fun because it was new to them. I like to conclude first that my parents are still alive and well. It seems I’m writing an obituary, but I am not. Finally, if you do meet my family, your going to have a unique experience (just don’t impress them with gifts), but if you don’t want to meet with my family, your lost.

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