Virginia SHRM Conference

At the beginning of October, I attended the Virginia SHRM (HR Professionals) Conference at Crystal City.  What basically Crystal City is a bunch of hotels, restaurants, and buildings like any typical growing city.  I swear, the most exciting thing about Crystal City is the Crystal City restaurant…and it’s a gentlemen club.   Also, the night life is not that exciting.

Anyway, I found the conference to be very useful and better than I expected.  The food and atmosphere of the event were great.  I’m not strong about the Capitol Steps as entertainment, but I’ll give it a pass, but they need to work on makeup to even look remotely like the characters they’re mocking.

However, the sessions were better than I expected and I really did learn a lot from how to use strategic HR towards your company, how to detect a liar, International HR, and so on.  These sessions actually help me apply to use with my company.  Then the Dan Pink session came.

Dan Pink is the author of Free Agent Nation and The Whole New Mind and worked under Robert Reich during the Clinton administration.  He gave a session about what the current employee is thinking and it hit me.  He gave a PowerPoint that people are getting richer, but are not satisfied in their job.  This is how I feel right now.  I like the company, the pay, and the benefits.  However, I want to move on because I don’t feel comfortable in my current position and want to go back to an industry I really like.  I’m not going to say much, but I want to head back to this industry because I love it and I would really make a difference with my HR skills and the knowledge of the industry at a young age.  By time, I will explain later.   Dan Pink’s session did really hit me if you need to move on, do so, but I need to make sure that I have the personal resources to make this move, which I don’t right now, but later on, it could happen.

The conference serves as a reminder the basic skills of HR for me, and what opportunities could be there and after my reflection towards the conference and my current situation, I’m ready to move on, but whom and where?

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