Wait, you just got your license?!

For some of you may know, I didn’t have a drivers license until now.  For most, you’re thinking why you haven’t gotten a drivers license?  There are several layers to this.  At the beginning, my father was an auto body worker, so he knows a lot about cars.  He took it slowly for me to perfect my turns and see the whole road.  I never failed, but I never attempted.  What stopped the momentum was our family was cash strapped and I had no time practicing driving (including the driving classes).

In between, a few things have happened:  I was practicing, but the car was jinxed.  It might had no brakes, no lights, etc.  In that same time, I had to retake the knowledge test.  Also, gas prices were skyrocketing and I don’t want to spend all my hard-earned money on gas.  I relied on carpooling, public transportation, and on occasion, walking.  Actually, it was not bad and love being a public commuter. 

Two weeks ago, I took the road test.  Amazingly, it only takes 5 minutes (That’s the Virginia DMV I guess) and got my drivers license.  Am I relieved?  Sort of.  Am I happy?  Not really, because now I’m part of the Northern Virginia drivers, the absolute worse type of people in the country.  I’m going to drive on occasion because as I learned in the past few years, I don’t need a car.  I just need to get from point A and point B and enjoy it.   So if you see me driving White Shadow (my White Oldsmobile Cutlass), be afraid because I’m an Asian, a Northern Virginiaier, and unpredictable; a lethal combination.

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