Washington D.C. is back

I have been a sports fan all my life. I was always a homer liking every local sports team in this area.

(Except when you saw Michael Jordan in the Chicago Bulls uniform, you drool like a little puppy.)


Anyway, with the signing of Al Saunders as the new offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins (Tracy, do you think people read this blog will know who the hell Al Saunders is?) Do I have any readers yet? (Good point)
Trust me, this is a big move and will bring back to the hey days of Washington back.

With Joe Gibbs back, The Skins are respected and feared (Both Gibbs and Snyder). A Super Bowl run is not only a chance, its there for the taking in the next 3 years.

The Washington Wizards are a respectable team, although they are struggling at .500. At least, there’s excitement now with young players from Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler and the smooth Antwan Jamison. This used to be the doormat in the East, but not anymore.

This year, expect the Capitals to stink, but they have the 3rd biggest superstar in DC (Behind Gibbs and Arenas) in Alexander Ovechkin. Did you see that goal against the Phoenix Coyotes (Also know as where Wayne Gretzky is coaching)? We have a trifecta.

Wait, there’s more. The Nationals are a summer relief and finally I can watch TV (or go to a game) this summer. Sadly, the DC Council has to play the race card to not get the baseball stadium done. This is more of an oxymoron because baseball is diverse with many different nationalities. Baseball managers and front office people are more diverse than any sport. I understand the number of blacks playing baseball is around 5 %, but here is an opportunity for everyone to take advantage, including awareness in urban areas that baseball is cool. Instead they worried suburbanites will rule the area. First, that’s a load of crap and second, you can open a business and they are more job opportunities out there for anyone. So, if you want to play the race card and hide the fact it’s based on the mayor race this November, you can all go to hell.

Did I mention we have the four time MLS champion DC United with Freddy Adu? (Can I get a… please you think that will have a reaction).

Also of note, the city has change with new Metro stops and the development of Northeast DC and Marion Barry is back!

(Ok, now you’re drinking the same Kool-Aid as Barry. Let me tell you that isn’t the kids Kool-Aid for sure.)

But I can proudly say I am a proud Washington DC native.

(Traitor!!! Your from Northern Virginia you suburbanite hump)

Actually, I’m a suburban Washington DC native. (You got to be kidding me!)

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