Where Was I?

Some (or my one legion fan) of you want to know why I haven’t blog for a month.   The answer was I was sick, plan and simple.  I had bad luck last month.  When I recovered from my ankle injury, my mother got sick and it spread around the house including myself.  It took a few weeks to get my cough off, but I’m back to my routine.  I started running again and return to working out.  Everything is well.

Now, my career is at the crossroads.  In the next few months, I go my review coming up and a move to Crystal City (not living, the company moving).  However, they’re a string of jobs from companies I want to work for, but the positions are the same as I’m making.  Hence, it’s all about timing and luck.  These three months will determine where I would go.  Things might get interesting.

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