Why I’m not at #SHRM13

I have been hyping up #SHRM13 for almost a year because the conference is in Chicago, which was a great experience when I was there in 2008 and want to relive that experience. In addition, I wanted to meet the HR bloggers, old and new, and network with other HR professionals around the world.

Sadly, it was never meant to be for a couple of reasons. Part of it was funding and the majority of it is my personal obligations. Don’t worry, I’m fine and so is the family. A scheduling conflict I can’t escape, that I learned last minute, has kept me out of the SHRM Conference. I’m still going to follow through Twitter and the HR blogs, but it won’t be the same because this was the one conference and city I waited for almost a year and I couldn’t come.

In the next two years, the SHRM Conference will be in Orlando in 2014 and Las Vegas in 2015, which is good, but both cities are not Chicago. I’m willing to go to those places, but that depends on my motivation, my company/clients motivation, events, and if I’m still a relevant HR blogger.

The next big SHRM Conference for me is in 2016 when the conference returns to Washington D.C. after ten years. Last time it was there, it was raining cats and dogs. In hindsight, it was a mini-derecho. I know it’s three years away, but I can’t wait to be a tour guide again to visitors, take them to great restaurants, museums, and landmarks, and take them to a Nationals game in my Silver Elvis (or something else) attire, in addition to my blogging duties (hopefully, it will continue, but you never know).

(Note to SHRM and MLB: the SHRM Conference is coming to D.C. In 2016. I better expect Nationals games the weekend of the conference, not like Chicago where you have two baseball teams and there’s no home games that week (although Chicago’s lucky the Blackhawks made it to the Stanley Cup Final). By the way, Baltimore doesn’t count.

Also, for entertainment, if the Nationals only play the weekend of the conference, I want a great act like The Bangles or Roxette on Tuesday. If the Nationals are playing at home Monday-Wednesday, you have my permission to book a crappy act like Third Eye Blind or Rich Little.

For the Capitals: I want you to win the Stanley Cup sooner than later, but especially win in 2016 so SHRM attendees can experience a riot.

For the Wizards: ah, forget it.)

I wanted to go to Chicago to experience the city again and meet the HR bloggers again. Timing has hold me back and I hope to return next year in Orlando, but in my mind, the real countdown is three years from now when the best HR professionals come to my home.

Wishing the best to SHRM, the HR bloggers and the attendees in Chicago.

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