Your 2013 Washington Nationals

If last year was the breakout year for the Washington Nationals, this year is where expectations are met. Expectations meaning as Davey Johnson would say, ‘World Series or Bust.”

I cannot wait for the baseball season to start. I also worry about people think the Nationals have to be great everyday.

My problem isn’t with the team or management. The team is stacked everywhere: pitching, hitting, defense, bench, farm system. All credit goes to Mike Rizzo and his front office and scouts of building a team that was crap five years ago to now.

My problem isn’t with the media and their predictions. Most baseball experts from ESPN to Sports Illustrated have the Nats winning the division and winning the World Series. You can really dispute that since the evidence are there.

My problem is the fans expect to be the 1998 New York Yankees or the 1986 New York Mets (also managed by Davey Johnson). Nats fans would want a dominating team, but in reality, the only part that matters is September and October. I want my Nats to be steady and act like this is a marathon. It doesn’t matter if you have the best record in baseball; it’s the best record that matters the most.

I know there will bumps on the road like injuries or unforeseen circumstances, but that makes baseball fun to follow for six months…and that the Nats have a deep bench. I will not panic in April, May, June, July, and most of August. If they’re still in contention, all I want is the push to the postseason which leads to the World Series and bring back the title to D.C. since 1924.

Last year, they needed to win all season to get experience in the postseason. This year, they know how to pace themselves. Can the fans handle that? Let us enjoy the ride.

xxxSilver Elvis

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  • […] I mentioned before the season began that Nats fans should enjoy the journey. I never expect the Nationals to recapture last year, but hope they are still in contention for the postseason. As of now, the Nationals are seven games back of Atlanta for the division lead and five games back of the second wild card spot. I’m not upset about the Nats trailing the Braves, but if they learn from their mistakes this year and last year. From the record, the team statistics, and from my naked eye, the Nats still have not learned their lessons to be a competitive, consistent team. […]

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