Your 2014 Washington Redskins Review

Written by Tracy

Normally, I would give a breakdown of the Redskins season and what happened. I was going to do that, but Dave Nichols beat me to the punch. That’s why he’s a professional journalist and I’m not.

Everything he said about the Redskins is exactly I was going to say. I can blame everyone from coaches, players, front office, fans, Larry Michael, and others. Ultimately, this is under Dan Snyder’s watch and there’s nothing we can do about it. What’s worse: he’s the key guy of building Olympic Stadium at RFK Stadium, so they can turn that into the new Redskins stadium in 2025.

I could give you the Redskins offseason priority (defense, offensive linemen), but it won’t matter because Dan Snyder wants stars that are great for fantasy football, but not live football.

Here’s a thought about the Redskins: the D.C. Metro area has been a Redskins town for nearly 40 years starting with George Allen and peaked during the Joe Gibbs era. In the 1990s and 2000s, the Redskins fan base can tolerate losing because 1) championship bias 2) football is king in this town and this country and 3) the Redskins had no real competition with the Bullets/Wizards and Caps struggling to go deep.

Now, the Wizards are the hottest ticket in town with a team that could go deep (and aiming for that free agent who was born and raised in this area in 2016); the Nationals are built for present and for the long-term, the Caps are trying to become reliable, and D.C. United will have a new stadium in 2017. It used to be the Redskins were the only game in town. Not anymore.

How will Snyder respond to a sea change in this area? He can’t buy stars because the local teams have built stars from the draft and have great scouts. Personally, I hope the Redskins become actual villains, not doormats, and “Embrace The Hate” next year. This is why I want the Skins to draft Jameis Winston so that one team has a hated owner, a hated GM, a decent coach who’s brother is hated in sports commentary, a hated PR guy, a hated broadcaster, and now a hated QB. There’s your marketing right there.

Barry Svrluga bought this question up during the last game:

I could say the Knicks and Maple Leafs are up there, but with Donald Sterling gone, Dan Snyder is the most hated man in sports. How to change that? That is all up to him.

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