Your typical day

Well, lets began in the morning. I picked up lottery tickets for my family for the Powerball drawing tomorrow worth around $135 Million. Don’t let me down lady luck. That’s it for the morning.

In the afternoon, I went back to NPR to meet up with the staff again for their internship fair. Just hoping a lot more George Mason students go in so I can start the Tracy Tran tree (similar to the Bill Belichick, where I was made them stars, literally I was the first George Mason student to go to NPR). It was a great feeling again, seeing the potential interns and the old staff. I always love to go back to memory lane because these people took a risk at hiring me and both sides enjoyed the experience. I might not want to come back every year, but from time to time, I want to see not only the staff, but the other interns I worked with, although I’m very slow to develop a relationship at first hand. The only sad part is that NPR will only do HR interns for the summer semester. Now, I have to wait who replacing The Prodigy at the HR department.

After that, I went to the second half of work and everything went crazy. Not to go in the deep end, but it will take a long time to settle in since the last person who held my job basically gave me an idea of not to file. But I can say I rebuild the department with someone else and looks good on the resume. Point for me!

After work, I did “spring cleaning” for Vietnamese New Year (yes, its suppose to say Chinese, but were not communists). At the end of day, the house actually smells like strawberries and lemons.

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